Warrior Angels Rescue is an initiative that coordinates charters flight companies to provide evacuation flights to children, pregnant mothers, and other people with urgent medical needs to be evacuated.

Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico with winds of 155 miles an hour, leaving the United States commonwealth on the brink of a humanitarian crisis. The storm left 80 percent of crop value destroyed, 60 percent of the island without water and almost the entire island without power. We are only now beginning to see the impact and damage that this storm will have on Puerto Rico for many months or even years to come.  Established to cut through the bureaucratic red tape, Warrior Angels Rescue sets up evacuations for those most desperately in need. There is no power or clean water on the island so it is essential to get these American citizens to clean hospitals as soon as possible. We have set up a team of volunteers across the US bringing chartered planes filled with supplies and leaving with people.  

When someone says their family is 'ok' or 'good' it simply means they have survived. 

Note from the Founder, Valerie Edmondson: 

Friends, my name is Valerie Edmondson Bolanos and I am a native Puerto Rican living near Los Angeles CA.   After Hurricane Maria carved its way across Puerto Rico, my homeland, I was gutted.  We have received first-hand accounts of people desperate for relief:  pregnant mothers, mothers who delivered their babies during the hurricane and have had no medical attention for 10+ days, elderly family members living in nursing homes with no water, power, hospitalized cancer patients that cannot get the treatment they need, and many, many more heartbreaking stories. 

The state and federal response to this catastrophe has been too slow to help those people who are most vulnerable and need immediate aid.  So we jumped into action, have quickly organized a group of friends and volunteers and we're calling ourselves Warrior Angels Rescue (look for our group on Facebook, #WarriorAngelsRescue). 

To date, Warrior Angels Rescue has procured 1 to 3 flights per day that fly into Puerto Rico filled with emergency supplies, medical personnel and volunteers, and return to the mainland filled with evacuees including expectant mothers, medically fragile adults, and the elderly.  

We have been working closely with charter flight companies to provide evacuation flights to these desperate individuals.  And while companies have generously offered to provide the flights at cost, the flights are still expensive.  We are actively looking to partner with donors wherever possible, asking those who can pay for a flight to do so, and also we are raising funds through a GoFundMe page.

Please do whatever you can to help! 

Thank you! 


Warrior Angels Rescue

Coordinates charter flight companies to provide evacuation flights to these desperate individuals in Puerto Rico.
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